Article 1: Name The Church shall be called New Jerusalem Bible Church (NJBC). NJBC is incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona (18012664-. The application for a 501c tax exempt status is pending. 

Article 2: Structure   


Section 1:  NJBC is a home Church. The location of NJBC is 3155 East El Moro Avenue Mesa, Arizona  


Section 2:  NJBC is a field ministry orientated Church. 

Article 3:  Finances: NJBC is a tent making Church supported by Tommy and Heidi Cattey. 

Article 4: Mission:

Mission 1:  NJBC helps support Barnabas Children Center in Utange, Kenya.               

Mission 2:  NJBC is the ministry Church for Jesus Life Center in Utange, Kenya and the Agape Gospel Church in

                  Mombasa, Kenya.               

Mission 3:  NJBC supports and participates in the annual Jesus for Life Conference in Utange, Kenya.                                         

Mission 4:   NJBC helps evangelize the Utange village, Kenya. 

Article 5:  Strategy:   

Tommy and Heidi travel to Utange, Kenya once a year for approximately  six weeks to participate within the Jesus for Life Conference. This includes  evangelism of Utange village. During this time pastoral support is offered  to Reverend Harrison Gonah of Jesus Life Center and Reverend Fredrick Omolo Ogala of Agape Gospel Church.               

Article 5: Leadership:

Reverend Tommy Cattey is the pastor of NJBC. He is a graduate of  Phoenix Seminary. He was ordained in 2007. Tommy and Heidi  Cattey are the sole leadership structure of NJBC. 

Article 6: Doctrinal Statements:

The following are timeless truths which transcend time, culture, race and location.  Fellowship within NJBC requires full agreement of these timeless truths. 

The Scripture

God the Father

God the Son

God the Holy Spirit


The Resurrection

The Parousia

The virgin birth.